I’m the King of the Castle (2006)

opera in two acts - c. 60’

Me time (2020)

operatic scene

countertenor, bass baritone and piano - c.5'

CHAMBER MUSIC (two to eight players)

Eden Chacony (2004) 

flute, clarinet and harp - c. 6’ 


Eden Chacony (2004 rev. 2012)

flute, violin and harp - c. 6’


Eden Chacony (2004 rev. 2013)

flute, viola and harp - c. 6’


Frozen Dreamscape (2009)

cor anglais, clarinet and bassoon - c. 7’


Wookey Hole (2016)

percussion quartet - c. 9’


O Magnum Mysterium (2018)

    i    Veni, Veni Emmanuel

    ii   Corpus Christi

    iii  O Magnum Mysterium  

recorder ensemble - c. 13’


Our house is on fire (2019)

    i    The last library is burning

    ii   The ignorant waters shine

    iii  The catastrophe of sky 

wind quintet - c. 15’

Tread softly (2020)

string quartet - c. 5’




Forest of the Night (2013) 

cello - c. 10’


You leave it with me (2014)

magnetic resonator piano - c. 7’ 


Dolce (2018)

    i    Milky Way

    ii   Bounty

    iii  Double Decker  

piano - c. 9’

Music Boxes (2020)

piano - c. 10’





Sredni Vashtar (2003 rev. 2013)

c. 8’


Three places in Old England (2020)

    i    You leave it with me

    ii    In the shadow of Bell Harry

    iii    Ghosts of Avalon        

c. 20’


Shepherd’s Purse (2009) 

soprano - c. 5’

Fiery the Angels (2010) 

baritone and brass quintet - c. 10’

All these things (2014)

    i    Nativity

    ii   Lullaby

    iii  Dance

    iv  Lullaby

    v   Lament

    vi  Lullaby 

SS and piano - c. 10’ 

I am not there (2018) 

high voice(s) and organ - c. 3’30"





Fair, kind and true (2011)

    i    Never tell

    ii   The Mermaid   

    iii   Fair, kind and true

SATB div. - c. 7’


Watching the dark (2014)

    i    Prelude

    ii   Suicide in the trenche

    iii   Bach and the sentry 

    iv   Does it matter?     

    v    Postlude

SSAATB - c. 8’

Faces in the mist (2016)

    i    The Deep Sworn Vow

    ii    Vanished

    iii   Melody, O Melody  

    iv   Mourning 

    v    The Remorseful Day

SS and harp - c. 9’


Corpus Christi Carol (2017)

SSA - c . 4’30”

The Ecstatic (rev. 2001 rev. 2018)

    i    Skylark

    ii   Ostrich

    iii   Dove

SATB div.  c. 10’


Sanctorum Cantuarienses (2018)

    i    Ritual: Responsum est

    ii   Drama: Turbulent Priest

    iii  Dream: Why did God? 

SATB div. - c. 10’ 

In drifts of sleep (2019)

    i   Thou little tiny child

    ii  The Rescue

    iii  Tread softly

SATB div. - c. 7’