Dance Variations 

piano (2001 rev. 2002)

Published by Faber Music:


Edinburgh Castle 

flute and piano (2005)

Published by Faber Music: 



violin and piano (2005)

Published by Faber Music


Battle Hymn 

cello and piano (2005)

Published by Faber Music:


Who’s afraid of the big bad pig? 

mini play for young musicians (2007)

Mysterious Monsters 

voices (2009)



alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, 

trumpet, horn, percussion (2012)



trumpet 1, trumpet 2, horn, 

trombone, percussion (2012)


Songs and incidental music for Alice (stage play by Laura Wade)

clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpets, cello, double bass, piano and voices (2014)


Ghosts of Avalon

Orchestra (2014)


Nine at Millfield Fanfare

Beginner instrumentalists - flutes, clarinets, alto saxophones, 

trumpets, trombones, percussion (2015)

Incidental music for Skellig, stage play by David Almond (2016)

Musical Boxes

piano (2019)

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